Fancy J London an American Pop Artist born and raised in Boston Massachusetts,

carries a well rounded vocal fusion of Pop, Hip Hop, & RnB.

Fancy J London’s popularity quickly began to make waves with the release of her 2nd album “Whit3” on July 14, 2017 that included 17 tracks the most popular of them being “Give Me A Refill”, “Game Over" ft Kyngsolo” and the latin vibed track “Bad Boy”. Shortly after she released the lyric video of “Bad Boy” that gained an astonishing 101K views which resulted in her receiving a YouTube topic channel, as well as receiving 50K plays on Shazam.

Fancy J London then released her third album “Blu3” on December 27, 2017 which included the tracks "Can We Talk For A Minute" chosen by John Mayer for his show Current Mood. "Blu3 Scream" the main track off of her "Blu3" album received 127K plays after it's release on SoundCloud, hit #48 on Mixcloud global EDM charts and was featured on Jimmy Fallon's tonights show.

Take a listen to Blu3 Scream by watching the Official Audio YouTube Video below.

On December 28, 2017 Fancy J London dropped a single album with 3 different versions of “I’m A Boss” in collaboration with DJ Ross tha Boss, Producer Claime, Nimble & The Gang reaching 116K views on YouTube. In the Music video she is featured as a bobble head character dancing in costumes, fist bumping Obama, and running from giant teeth as a doughnut.

On March 26, 2018 Fancy J London released 3 singles entitled “Galaxy” 26K streams, “Ven Acércate” 50K streams and “Midnight 12” 24K streams on Spotify, 1 million plays in a single week on SoundCloud, as well as charting on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Top 30 at #28, and charting again in the top 10 at #8 on Spinnin' Records Talent Pool with the unreleased track "911" featuring rapper Kyngsolo.


On December 29, 2018 Fancy J London released her 4th album "THRONE" on selected platforms. In just a month of its release the album received over 200K listens and is most popular for the tracks "Tell Me", "All Alone" and "I Admit It".

Download "Tell Me" from Fancy J London's "Throne" Album free (Click on three dots in white bar below)

Tell Me.mp3

Fancy J London is set to release her 5th album "LiGHT" sometime in 2019, which she has pre-released two singles from the upcoming album "Light" and "Shake Your Underpants" which can be streamed now on all music platforms.



Fancy J London's fans are so intrigued with the very personal pop singer and are dying to know more about her,

here are some questions she has answered for us!

What is your Zodiac Sign?

Fancy J: Gemini

Where did you grow up?

Fancy J: In a northern suburb of Boston, but spent an awful lot of time on Cape Cod with my Grandmother.

Are You a City Girl or a Country Girl?

Fancy J: Definitely a country girl I hate Smog, traffic, and rushing around. I enjoy the fresh air and scenery of the outskirts.

What other skills do you have other than singing?

Fancy J: I was quite a nerd growing up so I picked up a lot of talents by watching others, such as cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, fashion illustration, drawing, digital art, writing, beauty school, business marketing, teaching, and psychology.

What is your favorite food and drink?

Fancy J: My favorite food is Thai food and Drink Shirley Temple!

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Fancy J: My Favorite designers are, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein,Stella MCcartney, and Versace. 

Which artist would you so Fan Girl over?

Fancy J: Alicia Keys

Do you write your own songs, which song is your fave and why?

Fancy J: Yes, I write all my songs unless it is in collaboration with another artist. My favorite song hmm... I guess my favorite would be "All Alone" from my Throne Album the lyrics are personal and emotional.

If you could be a famous person who would you be?

Fancy J: I would stay being me, I'm happy with what I have. 


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